Dr. Shawn Arseneau

Dr. Shawn Arseneau

CTO, MVP Index

Shawn Arseneau serves as the Chief Technology Officer at MVP Index, a leading data insights firm specializing in omnichannel brand measurement and valuation within the sports industry. MVP Index integrates both computer vision and text analysis methodologies to deliver comprehensive insights aimed at optimizing branding strategies across social media platforms and broadcast channels.

Before assuming his role at MVP Index, Shawn spearheaded data insights initiatives at HP, where he played a pivotal role in developing processes and tools to enhance marketing efficacy across the global portfolio of notebooks and printers. Prior to his tenure at HP, Shawn held the position of Senior Vice President of Artificial Intelligence at the Global Technology Hub of Shiseido. In this capacity, he conceptualized and executed innovative technological solutions tailored to the beauty and skincare market, leveraging emerging technologies to drive impactful outcomes.

Earlier in his career, Shawn made significant contributions to the advancement of technology at Laser Shot Simulations, a leading provider of law enforcement training and simulation solutions. Throughout his tenure, he ascended through various roles, ultimately serving as Chief Technology Officer, where he led R&D efforts to develop immersive training solutions that garnered global recognition for their innovation and effectiveness.

Shawn Arseneau holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada, as well as a Master of Engineering and a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from McGill University, specializing in computer vision and artificial intelligence. Following the completion of his doctoral studies, Dr. Arseneau continued his research at Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute, focusing on auto-navigation of drones and orientation in GPS-denied environments.