Dimensional Energy

Ithica, New York, United States

About Us

Dimensional Energy is scaling a photochemical reactor platform technology that enables the utilization of direct sunlight to produce environmentally responsible polymers and chemical intermediaries for industrial partners. 

The core intellectual property of Dimensional Energy is licensed from Cornell University and was developed by professors David Erickson and Tobias Hanrath.

Powered by a modular array of mirrors to focus sunlight into the reactors, the HI-Light™ system can be sized to any site depending on available space, desired output, or CO2 availability. Operating alongside industrial facilities, HI-Light eliminates transmission or shipping costs and allows for immediate recycling of the CO2 emissions from such a facility. Dimensional Energy is funded by a Phase II grant from the National Science Foundation and contract work with industrial partners interested in scaling photocatalysis.


Dimensional Energy’s technology combines advanced optics for even light distribution with optimized photocatalysts in a high throughput reactor form that optimizes the interplay between feedstocks, catalyst, and light for maximum conversion. 

For Carbon XPRIZE, we have adapted the platform to convert captured CO2 to fuel. The Carbon XPRIZE installation at the test site in Wyoming will be DE’s first pilot. While scaling the HI-Light platform, Dimensional Energy has developed a lab scale reactor product for photocatalysis research for university, national, and industrial labs worldwide. Custom design photocatalytic testbeds and partnerships are available upon inquiry. 


In addition to his role as CEO of Dimensional Energy, Jason Salfi serves as an Innovation Advisor at NYSERDA (NY State Energy Research and Development Authority)

Salfi has founded two startups in manufacturing resulting in one license and one acquisition. He has been an Advisor to V and C suite executives, and Entrepreneur in Residence at NYSERDA focusing on technology to market strategy, sustainability, supply chain, manufacturing, marketing, lean startup methodology, fundraising, team building, and company leadership.


Jason Salfi, Co-Founder and CEO
Dr. David Erickson, Co-Founder and Technical Advisor
Dr. Tobias Hanrath, Co-Founder and Technical Advisor
Dr. Miao Wang, Engineer
Mihir Gada, Engineer
Marcelo Motto, Engineer
Clayton Poppe, Co-Founder
David Rickeby, IP Attorney
Matt Lowe, Design and Marketing
Bradley Brennan Director of R&D
Brian Bowman Engineer