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The $5 Million IBM Watson AI XPRIZE is a global challenge to develop artificial intelligence technologies capable of collaborating with humans to solve the world’s grand challenges. This competition aims to accelerate the adoption of AI tech and spark creative, innovative and audacious demonstrations that are truly scalable and world-changing. This is a 4-year competition, and the top 3 finalists will compete for the Grand Prize at TED2020.

The Prize

$3 Million Grand Prize

$1 Million 2nd Place Prize

$500,000 3rd Place Prize

$500,000 in Milestone Prizes

Why Me?

AI is poised to change every aspect of our lives. You're on the pulse of the future, working in the following fields:

Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive Computing

Machine Learning

Language Processing

Neural Networks

Data Analysis

Deep Learning

Information Retrieval

Genetic and Evolutionary Computation

Knowledge Discovery

Machine Vision

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